Marla Orenstein

Marla is an epidemiologist, the founder of Habitat Health Impact Consulting and an international leader in the field of impact assessment. She has led over 25 health impact assessments, both stand-alone and as part of integrated environmental assessments, on behalf of clients from government, industry, tribal government and community organisations. In 2014, she co-authored a textbook on health impact assessment that was published by Springer, and she also co-authored the guidance document Minimum Elements and Practice Standards for Health Impact Assessment.

In addition, Marla has been heavily involved in the critique, development and refinement of impact assessment theory and practice worldwide. She is currently President of the International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA), and is also Chair of the IAIA’s publications committee. Marla brings a comprehensive understanding of current standards and best practices in impact assessment, including guidelines established by multilateral finance institutions, international agencies and industry organisations.

Based in Canada, Marla has extensive experience in developing toolkits and guidance documents for government audiences both inside and outside Canada.