Michael Holgate

Michael has over 30 years’ experience of project management and consultancy for major oil companies, the EU and government agencies. His key skills areas are risk management, option evaluation, cost benefit analysis, due diligence, consultation and strategic planning. Based in some of the remoter parts of Orkney for 30 years he had the opportunity to observe the socio-economic impacts of oil and gas development in small communities at first hand – from planning to decommissioning. He also has an active portfolio within the renewable energy sector.

Michael started his career with BP as a drilling fluids engineer in the North Sea and then broadened his skills in the environmental sector, with advisory roles within international oil companies, the EU INOGATE programme and the governments of Georgia and Kazakhstan. He has enjoyed a number of roles as an associate consultant for environmental and social impact assessment, that include projects requiring finance from the IFC and EBRD. More recently he was an advisor to the UK Shale Gas Task Force.

His renewable energy portfolio over the last 15 years includes strategic planning (onshore wind developments and grid expansion), concept development (hydrogen, V2G), operations (UK CDM and HSE for marine energy), value assurance (wave and tidal devices) and community energy projects. Michael is based in the UK.