• Organising an international labour influx workshop

Social and environmental management

Plexus assists clients throughout the project lifecycle in preparing and implementing stakeholder engagement plans (SEP), social and environmental management plans, social performance management systems and related plans and documentation.

We also offer assurance services and support clients in integrating socio-economic and environmental performance issues into project design and execution, for example in connection with major investment decisions and/or project finance.

In addition, we develop social investment programmes, establishing socio-economic monitoring programmes to evaluate social investment outcomes. Emphasis is placed on the link between social investment and stakeholder engagement, helping clients to establish effective, outcome-based social investment programmes. This includes the design and implementation of fit for purpose socio-economic monitoring frameworks.

Specific services include:

  • Assurance and project readiness reviews
  • New country entry
  • Issue identification and management
  • Influx management
  • Social investment policies, strategies and reviews
  • Benchmarking
  • Social performance support
  • Regulatory analysis and permitting
  • Socio-economic monitoring
  • Participatory needs assessments
  • Integrating social investment into ESIA

Related projects include:

  • Tengizchevroil: Participatory Needs Assessment (Kazakhstan)
  • World Bank: Labour Influx and Social Impacts – Global Portfolio Review
  • International Energy Agency: World Energy Outlook 2014 – Chapter on Public Acceptance of Nuclear Energy
  • IPIECA: Coastal Ecosystem Guidance
  • AIPN: Resource Nationalism Guidance Document
  • ExxonMobil: Best Practice Review in Support for Biodiversity Policy (Canada)
  • Energy sector client: Socio-economic Monitoring Framework (Kazakhstan)
  • Repsol: Social Performance Review (Bolivia, Peru)
  • Madagascar Oil: Non-technical Risk Assessment (Tsimiroro oilfield)
  • Pluspetrol: Issue Management Support and Guidance (Peru)
  • Shell International: Guidance on Socio-economic Impact Management
  • El Paso Energy: ESIA and Stakeholder Engagement Best Practice Review

Total: Tilenga project

Preparation of an IFC-compliant social management strategy and a suite of associated plans.

Repsol: Social performance review

Repsol commissioned Plexus to conduct an independent Social Performance Review (SPR) of its upstream oil and gas assets in Bolivia and Peru.

IPIECA: Coastal ecosystem guidance

A guidance document for senior project management in energy companies on managing oil and gas development in coastal environments.