Schlumberger/Sinopec: Stakeholder management training


From 2012-2014 Plexus provided a course/workshop series in partnership with Schlumberger to Sinopec International in Beijing, which was part of an asset manager training programme run by Schlumberger. 


Plexus designed and delivered a training course focused on stakeholder engagement, social performance and social risk management in the international oil and gas industry. The course consisted of a series of training modules for asset and project managers of international oil and gas E&P assets. The training was highly interactive and drew on real-life examples from the international E&P sector. It provided an overview of key stakeholder management issues, including international best practice and related standards, and addressed key social performance concepts. It was divided into distinct but interrelated modules covering subjects such as social conflict management, stakeholder mapping, stakeholder engagement, communications, ethics, grievance management, and crisis management.


Run over three years, the course gave participants an understanding of the role of stakeholder engagement and its importance to the business. It covered basic concepts in stakeholder engagement, focused on real-life examples from the international oil and gas industry, and provided participants with practical tools that could be applied on a daily basis.