Total: Stakeholder mapping – seismic exploration


Plexus was contracted by Total to carry out a stakeholder identification and mapping exercise in support of a 3D seismic campaign for its Tempa Rossa concession in Southern Italy using innovative, new technology. The mapping exercise was to identify key stakeholders that can either facilitate or represent a barrier to the planned campaign and on that basis to inform the stakeholder engagement and communications strategy for the project.


Plexus carried out a stakeholder identification and mapping exercise and prepared a supporting report for Total’s project management. The process involved extensive desktop research coupled with local intelligence gathering by Plexus’ Italian stakeholder relations experts. We also prepared the project’s stakeholder engagement strategy (SES) and the Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP). Further, we prepared and ran a project readiness workshop in Paris.


Plexus identified, analysed and prioritised  key potential project stakeholders, and informed the project’s forward engagement and communications strategy. Plexus also prepared project-specific SES and SEP, identified potential social risks related to the project prepared an action plan to address these risks.