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Meet the Plexus team

The Plexus team comprises individuals with extensive practical and technical experience in managing social and environmental risks in a corporate and project setting. Our team comprises senior professionals from the oil and gas and mining industries, multilateral financial institutions, government, academia and consultancy.

Plexus has a small executive team supported by a virtual global network of associate consultants, covering a wide range of disciplines ranging from anthropology, economics, law, political science, public health and sociology to engineering and natural sciences. Our team also has extensive experience in other areas including ESIA, biodiversity, environmental engineering, water resources and coastal management.

We combine in-country local and international expertise to ensure our advice is fully client focused. In addition, the senior consultants included in our proposals form the specific team who work directly with the client.

We regularly work with local specialists on specific projects and maintain relations with leading research centres and universities around the world. Our expertise and understanding of resource and infrastructure projects, and related project finance requirements, enable us to provide insight into complex policy and technical issues for boards, senior management, lenders and policy makers alike.


English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian and Indonesian.

Jay Wagner


Expert in social performance, HSE and social due diligence, stakeholder consultation and social risk management

Murray Jones


Expert in social performance, social risk management, business integration, stakeholder consultation and HSE management

Susan Dowse

Senior Associate

Expert in socio-economic impact assessment, scenario planning, stakeholder engagement and indigenous peoples and gender analysis

Peter Croal

Senior Associate

Expert in environmental assessment management, indigenous peoples’ partnerships, climate change, sustainability and capacity building

Rene Ford

Senior Associate

Expert in sustainable development, SIA, lender compliance, strategic community investment and community development

David Hanrahan

Senior Associate

Expert in water and wastewater planning, environmental engineering, pollution control and soil clean-up

Michael Holgate

Senior Associate

Expert in risk management, option evaluation, cost benefit analysis, due diligence, consultation and strategic planning

Lucy Mitchell

Senior Associate

Expert in social auditing, social analysis and planning, indigenous peoples, stakeholder mapping and consultation, and SIA

Marla Orenstein

Senior Associate

Expert in health impact assessment, impact assessment theory and practice, and the development of toolkits and guidance documents

Izabella Teixeira

Senior Associate

Expert in EIA and SEA, energy planning, environmental licensing, and policy-making and enforcement

Debora Walsh

Senior Associate

Expert in issue management, stakeholder analysis and engagement, process development, and training and capacity development

Peter Burbridge

Senior Associate

Expert in coastal management, spatial and economic planning and environmental management

Robert Priddle

Senior Associate

Expert in international energy relations, energy policy, climate change and intergovernmental and government-industry relations

George Joffé

Senior Associate

Expert in geopolitical affairs with particular reference to the Middle East and North Africa

Sabrina Dias


Expert in sustainability, environmental and social management, stakeholder engagement strategy, and community development

Pauline Toutain


Expert in social management, stakeholder engagement, SIA, and training on social issues

Enrique Bedos


Expert in social risk management, indigenous community development plans, stakeholder engagement, and social audits

Chafika Eddine


Expert in corporate governance and sustainability, compliance, social performance, stakeholder engagement and reporting

Jamie Mendez


Expert in ESIA, social and environmental project management, indigenous peoples/community relations and consultation

Koen van Rossum


Expert in community engagement, SIA, disaster response, conflict management and GIS

Mahitab Shamseldin

Senior Associate

Expert in communications and social performance with over 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry in the Middle East.

Simone Rocha

Senior Associate

A Brazilian human rights, international humanitarian aid and mining specialist, with over 20 years of experience in non-profit and corporate sectors.

Saskia de Koning

Senior Associate

Expert in non-technical risk integration, stakeholder relations, social performance and capability building.