Debora Walsh

Debora has a master’s degree in sea use law economics and policy and 20+ years’ experience in issue management, stakeholder analysis and engagement, process development, and training and capacity development.

As a manager with the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, Debora led engagements with government and communities on oil and gas development in both the marine and tertiary environments. She has been involved in extensive social and environmental consulting in relation to fisheries and marine development issues in Atlantic Canada. For Chevron she led the development of a rigorous process to identify, rank and address regulatory issues and then deployed it throughout the company’s international operating area.

Debora has recently completed a two-year assignment for Tengizchevroil in Kazakhstan where she directly supported the deployment of an issue management process, development and deployment of stakeholder engagement and social investment plans, and led an intensive training and mentoring programme for Kazakh nationals. She is currently based in Canada.