Lucy Mitchell

Lucy Mitchell is a social development specialist with 20+ years’ experience across a range of social development areas within both the corporate and non-profit sectors. She works internationally, has an extensive network and is well regarded as an advisor on community and wider stakeholder relations and CSR issues.

She has worked on programmes related to poverty reduction generally and, in particular, related to health and HIV/AIDS, education, public infrastructure, agriculture, environment, population ageing, workforce and indigenous issues. Her focus on indigenous peoples’ (IP) development issues has emerged from her broader professional experience in social analysis and planning, stakeholder mapping, impact assessment and mitigation, community consultation, engagement and development.

She has worked on a variety of key projects including: working as the Regional Indigenous Peoples Programme focal point in the United Nations Development Programme (Indonesia country office), conducting analysis for private sector (mining and oil and gas); providing input to draft documents on best practices relating to companies’ engagement with indigenous communities; participating as IP sub-committee member in a multi-stakeholder council on mining and the community; presenting and facilitating relevant local and international workshops and conferences. Lucy holds a PhD in anthropology and has also undertaken training in human rights, conflict resolution and other complementary subjects as part of her professional development. She is based in Indonesia.