• Organising an international labour influx workshop

Training and capacity building

Plexus provides training programmes for clients in the areas of social and environmental performance, human rights, social risk management, impact assessment, stakeholder engagement and social investment. We have designed and delivered training programmes for community liaison officers (CLOs), HSE and social performance managers, asset managers and senior project management.

Plexus also works with local service providers and project CLOs to strengthen local capacity and assist clients and their local specialists in meeting international project finance standards.

Training sessions are highly interactive and based on real-life experience from the international energy, oil and gas, infrastructure and mining sectors.

 Related projects include:

  • Tengizchevroil: Stakeholder Engagement Training for CLOs (Kazakhstan)
  • Tengizchevroil: Grievance Management Training (Kazakhstan)
  • Pluspetrol: Issue Management Training (Peru)
  • Schlumberger/Sinopec: Stakeholder Management Training (China)
  • BHP Billiton: Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility Training
  • Marathon Oil: ESIA Support and Capacity Building (Kurdistan)